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Patrona Coffee

Morning Crow Espresso

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Morning Crow Roasts

The beans for our Morning Crow coffee are grown on a Guatemalan mountainside at an elevation of over one mile in region called Huehuetenango. The rich soil and high elevation of this region creates what is perhaps the most distinguished Guatemalan coffee and it is often considered the best in the country overall.  Not all Guatemalan coffee is the same and if you have not tried it before, our Morning Crow roasts will spoil you.  

Morning Crow is smooth and rich with subtle notes of chocolate & fruit and with no added flavors. Just premium small batch, artisan roasted coffee.

Roasted and packaged in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL and always shipped fresh.

About Patrona

Most think only roosters crow. But hens crow when they are at the top of the pecking order to establish dominance & act as a protector of other hens. We call her The Patrona.
PATRONA means Boss Lady or Leader.
Our signature coffees are a salute to all the women leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and those aspiring that have the grit & grind to take the road less traveled and own it! A tribute to all the boss ladies that came before us, the ones that stand beside us and to all the future Patronas we can inspire.

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